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Learning is a never-ending journey for everyone. In today's globalized society, it is important to keep educating ourselves in order to match the pace of innovation and connectivity. This is why WiseAcademy is offering several different educational programs that are tailored for different learning needs.

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WiseAcademy's study tour allows primary and secondary students from other countries to learn about Singapore's culture and history. This service provides an opportunity for youth to step out of their comfort zone and explore new environments while learning new knowledge that can't be found in textbook.


In order for international students to join Singapore government schools, they will need to take an exam known as Admission Exercise for International Student (AEIS). To prepare interested students, Wise Academy’s preparatory courses are designed for international students of all levels.


Participate in short-term education courses that is held at Singapore's flagship university, National University of Singapore. The list of courses available include NUS SCALE, Executive Training and Teacher Training Program. The content of each course can be tailored according to the participant's need.

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