The NTU China (West) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (NTU EIC) is jointly established by Chongqing Yubei District People’s Government (YDPG), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd on 8 December 2020.  


The launch of this centre signifies a willingness to deepen cooperation in the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity in education research. By utilising NTU’s global leading advantages in academic disciplines, resources and innovation, combined with Chongqing’s industrial advantages in big data intelligence field, NTU EIC is envisioned to become China-Singapore’s joint talent development highland and innovative service platform. Furthermore, NTU EIC aims to help drive Chongqing’s establishment of an internationally influential innovation base and a Western China international exchange platform.

For the first time in China, the launch of NTU’s signature MiniMasters will allow potential Chinese students to experience a global education geared towards the Chinese market demands, along with an opportunity to experience student life right at NTU’s vibrant campus. Through a hybrid mode of online and physical classes, students will be able to earn the NTU MiniMasters qualification upon completion of the required course hours and academic credits. With NTU professors and lecturers flying in to Yubei Talent Base for some physical sessions when necessary, students are guaranteed a fruitful and engaging learning experience.

In addition, NTU is introducing more internationally advanced concepts in technological entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship education courses to Yubei Talent Base. These courses are geared towards Chinese government agencies, enterprises and public institutions, students of higher learning institutions, high calibre talent, entrepreneurs and more. This is to cultivate interdisciplinary elite talent, entrepreneurial leaders and innovative policymakers who meet global standards and satisfy the needs of regional industries in the Western China regions.

NTU EIC also serves as a base for international collaboration in innovation in the Yubei district, where innovation projects and innovation resources from Singapore and globally are brought together to build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem open to the whole world. To achieve this, NTU’s experts and professors and innovative companies will be brought over for immersion study and exchange visits in order to build influential branding of entrepreneurship and innovation activities. These include international high-end academic summits, expert forums, brand innovation and entrepreneurship and more. NTU EIC will also be a platform to proudly showcase innovation collaboration between China and Singapore.


  1. Certificates received upon completion of course are directly issued and recognised by NTU.

  2. All courses are taught by experienced NTU professors and lecturers.

  3. The opportunity to study at the campus of the world’s best young university for seven consecutive years.     

  4. Gain a holistic education: industrial visits, workshops, networking sessions and more during your time in NTU   

  5. Be a part of the prestigious NTU China Alumni Club. Gain networking opportunities and build connections with more than 3000 outstanding alumni within China and beyond upon graduation.

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