WiseAcademy Asia specialize in customized academic courses and study trips for both youths and adult. Aside from academic studies, we provide learning experiences that link to career goals and trends of the working world. The world is rapidly changing through acceleration of technology and artificial intelligence. Demands for multi-level talents and resilient workforce will be an ongoing agenda for many companies in the decades ahead. With our core capability in specialized academic courses, youths and adults are prepared with skills and mindsets that match existing industrial trends and demands.


Study trips, as addition to classroom learnings, provide opportunities for youths to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new.


For young adults and professionals, we offer short-term educational courses in the areas of Business, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and others.


WiseAcademy ASIA is a subsidiary of WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd. WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd is a regional integrated Human Resources services provider and consulting firm headquartered in Singapore. WiseNet Asia’s HR solutions consist of talent acquisition, talent transition, talent development and HR outsourcing. WiseNet Asia’s core value is to accelerate human resources development through innovative HR models and knowledge sharing. For more information, visit http://www.wisenetasia.com/


Get to know us


Executive Director

Wesley is the Founder and Executive Director of WiseNet Asia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business and Administration (Marketing) from the Hawaii Pacific University. He has also built up an extensive network of contacts in the Asia Pacific region over the years which has served him well in assisting clients to address their human resource needs.



Faeng Hao has been with WiseNet Group for more than a year and is currently in charge of the operation of WiseAcademy ASIA. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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